Cold Tofu

About Us

About Us


Based in Los Angeles, COLD TOFU is the nation’s premier Asian American improv and comedy group.  

about us

COLD TOFU's main cast performs improv shows regularly in Little Tokyo and throughout Los Angeles. COLD TOFU also teaches workshops at our TRAINING CENTER for actors and non-actors who wish to explore their creative expression. YOUTH WORKSHOPS and CORPORATE WORKSHOPS are also available. For rates and more information, please email



COLD TOFU is dedicated to promoting diverse images of Asian Americans through comedy and to developing multi-ethnic talent through education and performance.


Our vision is to be the leading resource for directors, casting directors and producers in their search for top Asian American and diverse talent, as well as to provide artists with the training, support and camaraderie necessary to pursue comedy in their artistic journey in the current landscape of theater, television and film. Our vision is also to provide a home and training center for actors and non-actors who wish to explore comedy and improvisation in a safe and stimulating environment, while strengthening a community built on inclusion and representation.