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COLD TOFU LEVEL 1 is an introductory improv class where students learn basic skills and techniques to improve listening and spontaneity while practicing a heightened awareness of their environment. This beginning class is geared towards learning basic improv techniques for those with little or no improv experience. This 8-week course is taught by Core Members of the performing cast of Cold Tofu and a showcase is presented at the end of the workshop. 

DATES: June 14 - August 9 (no class on July 5) - Wednesdays 7-10pm
LOCATION: Arts District in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA )
TUITION: $300 (includes required reading TRUTH IN COMEDY)

Deadline to register: June 9


CAST: Level 1 Students

August 16, 2017 at 8:00pm
St. Francis Xavier - Rehearsal Space
222 S. Hewitt St. | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Free Admission | Valet Parking available - $5 with Cold Tofu Validation

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Get familiar with the audition process. Learn and prepare the games that will be played specifically during the audition for Cold Tofu's performing cast. We will also go over character monologues and warm-ups and exercises for singing, improv games and character work that you can practice for any improv-based audition.

DATES: May 24 and May 31 - Wednesdays 7-10pm
LOCATION: Arts District in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA )

Registration only open to CTN Network


youth & corporate workshops


COLD TOFU offers workshops that promote leadership, team building, listening and public speaking skills. Workshops are flexible and are tailored for each group and environment. Special non-profit rates are also available. For more information on how COLD TOFU can serve your organization or network, please email