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Company meeting - SURVEY

Please fill out the survey for the Company Meeting on Thursday, December 13, 2018
Japanese American National Museum
100 N. Central Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Deadline to submit: Thursday, December 5, 2018 at 11:59pm

Name *
I will attend the Company Meeting on 12/13 (7-10pm)
Dinner will be provided! Yay! Please list any food allergies or restrictions.
Cold Tofu Network Workshops
Cold Tofu Network Workshops
Please fill out the survey below to the best of your ability at this time.
I would attend regular weekly classes
I would attend intermittent quarterly workshops (2-4 classes at a time)
I would prefer to pay annual dues and be eligible to attend all classes (30-40% discount of all offered workshops)
I would prefer to pay for individual workshops as they are offered ($15-$30/class)
I am interested in the Cold Tofu Conservatory ($300; February 6 - April 17): 10 classes, Performance and Post-Mortem/Wrap Party
Please write down any questions you would like addressed at the Company Meeting, or items you would like to include on the agenda.
Please write any questions, ideas, concerns, suggestions or comments. Any and all thoughts are welcome!